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The Secret Of Concentration


Undoubtedly, the path to success originates from the roots of the power of concentration. It won’t be an overemphasis if we say that the rate of success is directly proportional to the concentration power you hold. Walking through the world in and out, we come across many individuals who are gripping onto exceptional powers of concentration. Blacksmiths, goldsmiths and barbers are one of those people who are running their businesses on grounds of self belief, confidence and concentration. Definitely high rates of concentration can be attained with consistency and effort over a period of time, but how to? Other than meditation, yoga, exercise and a 5AM wake-up schedule, is there any possible, feasible, simple way? Yes! There is.


Addressing problems similar to what we face in today’s busy lifestyle, Arjuna once asked Bhagwan Krishna, “ Oh Lord! This mind is restless but robust. Dominating the mind is as difficult as trying to win total control over air. How can we win over this uncontrollable self?” Bhagwan Krishna answers, “ This fidgety and toughness makes the mind the powerhouse of human body. But this is equally true that, consistency, dedication, discipline and sacrifice can be your pillars to win over the problems.”


One approach to this problem can be of quitting distracting and exciting environments. This only wants you to be aware of what your five sensory organs detect. Our eyes, nose, ears, tongue and hands are the weapons of our mind. If used constructively, you can win anything and everything. But, if used destructively, you are welcome to the free-fall into failure. The true potential of sun-rays can only be recognized when we focus them on a magnifying lens, which in turn results into a blaze of fire.


Similarly, when deduced, there are 11 practical ways of boosting your concentration power in order to excel in whatever you are doing :


i. Have a fixed place of action

Disciplining yourself to stick to one routine, one place, one job, one diet is very essential when it comes to long term victory. Having one fixed study place, office cubicle, playground, music room, or whatever you want to concentrate on, is a must! If it is not possible at all, then having a fixed posture of execution should be considered. That one designated place wins responsibility, honor, importance and power over a period of time. Moreover, even if you are low at times, that one place is naturally and internally going to motivate you.


ii. Avoid fidgeting

Once you begin your work, make it a habit that you give attention to every insignificant involuntary movement of your body, and consequently avoid it. You don’t want to find yourself nibbling the pencil, observing at the flower vase or your vacation photographs on the desk. Not giving enough attention to your involuntary actions is going to kill your time. Focus on your movements in order to focus on your task.


iii. One thing at a time

Choose one topic/subject and stick around it for one hour. This is the beginning. It might sound strange but, we humans can focus at one thing ceaselessly for twenty-five minutes. But it takes roughly fifteen minutes to attain that amount of focus. So, command the inner you. Tell yourself that you have to do this one task for next one hour and then experience the magic!

PS - Upon the accomplishment of your target, a scoop of ice-cream along with upbeat music, can help you reward, appreciate and inspire yourself to do more.


iv. Be prepared

All day long, we meet so many people, come across numerous positive and negative incidents, news, scenarios. This directly or indirectly affects your emotions. Having top-notch emotional state has to be your priority in order to be a winner. Before you begin any task that requires focus or concentration, try to shut your eyes and calm yourself down for two-three minutes. Then resuming to your task, try focusing as much as you can. All this might take around fifteen minutes depending from person to person. Once you grip onto the subject, begin to dive deep into the topic and don’t stop. You’re just about to add another productive hour to your success story.


v. Zero distraction

It is possible that while doing all this, your colleague may call you out for some genuine work, or your family needs your help at fixing the wi-fi. Whatever the scenario be, you need to setup the right environment before you begin. An environment comprising of zero distracting factors. Switch off all unnecessary electronic devices, turn off all the background lights, shut all the doors and windows, and sticking in your knees under the table, pull the chair and grab a seat. You are ready to launch on your mission SUCCESS!

vi. Cleanliness and Silence

These two aspects contribute to your mood to a great extent. I don’t expect you to have 100% focus in a busy, noisy, untidy place. That is inhuman. Having a silent, clean and tidy place is going to help your mood and indeed help you walk up to the cockpit of your success-ship. Noise reduction in urban cities is bit of a challenge itself. But you can still try shutting the doors and windows (or maybe wake-up at 5 AM :p ).


vii. Don’t let the food eat you!

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. Your food decides your mood. Definitely, a cone of cheese burst jalapeno fries aren’t going to relieve your work stress and uplift your mood. Eat fresh, non-fried food. This isn’t possible at all times, but whenever possible, just go for it! Eat what makes you feel fresh, energetic, and chilled.


viii.  Talk less, work more

Over-talking is slow poison. Its like the trip effect of alcohol and drugs. It gives you more and more pleasure. Communication is the most important part of your life but only if it is made upon requirement. The less you talk, the more you save your energy and hence invest that energy into your focus. Unnecessary talk not only exhausts your energy resources but also leaves a mark of poor personality.

ix. Maybe something is fishy

I’ve heard people say that their head aches after a few hours of consistent focus. It is okay and you are not a special case. This might be a typical medical issue which needs a proper diagnosis. Consulting a doctor might help you save your time.


x. Faith

You must have faith, belief and confidence over yourself. I don’t ask you to pray or meditate. That is an individual’s personal choice. But having some self-confidence is going to boost your moral and in turn make you a bold personality. You need to have strength to fight the world while you are evolving and faith is going to give you that.


xi. Love your job!

Do you think of your favorite pizza or that exotic car you want while you are cuddling with your pet? Do you think of what mutual fund to invest in, in the middle of a football game? That pizza, that exotic car, that football game just keeps you going! It is only because you immensely love it. Anything you love immensely, can’t get you distracted. Start loving your job or task or sport or whatever you are doing. Once you fall in love with that thing, you won’t stop grinding. Love is a solution to every problem. Love it over and over, win at it again and again!


Remember that, sacrifice is the root to the worldly victory. Concentrating upon and sacrificing every possible form of pleasure is going to fly you up to the fairyland you forever dreamed of. Like the saying goes, “Road to success, is a walk on agony.” Do not relinquish. Attain solace regularly. One skill to master in order to master your life is, to diagnose your problems; the solution lies within it.

Originally written and 
arranged by

Sarvesh Kulkarni

Author & Editor

A Creative Content Writer, budding Podcaster & YouTuber and a Certified Digital Marketer; I love writing and talking about everything I absorb from experiences my life gives me.


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