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How to live in the moment? How focus, concentration, random act of kindness, minimalism can make a person live happily and successfully.


live in the moment

Many of us have at least once in our lifetime been suggested to learn to live in the moment. Once an elderly man was requested to share his words of wisdom, and instead he made a request. The request was pretty easy to absorb, but challenging when it comes to implementation. He said, “ The youth is the powerhouse of future. If you don’t produce energy today, you are ought to face the gloom.”


Breaking down and diving into the deepest roots of the message he conveyed, I could relate to what he meant and what is going around in the world. Doubtlessly, the world is and has been turning inconsiderate. This insensitive approach of people around us is exerting a constraint. This creates an atmosphere of obligation. Compelled to work and perform beyond boundaries, extensively.

Concurrently, we are losing consciousness. You might want to disagree, but someday you will sense this. Our minds are fully engaged at our workplace challenges. We are deprived of reality. Our engagement in our day-to-day tasks is so much that we are missing on our instinct of observation. People walk with their thumbs navigating the six-inch phone screen. Commuters no longer intend to look around. Nobody wishes to drive an extra mile or maybe take the longer route in order to soak in the scenic views.

Whilst being unavailable is the trend; experiencing life is equally important. If you are reading this, somewhere in your routine you lacked fulfillment and most people do. But taking actions on this is what is needed.


Having stated the subject, plotting an achievable strategy is decisive. Calling out a few key areas of correction and working on them, is just not living in the moment. It is an on going, everlasting, procedure. 

It is about learning new things, discovering skill-sets, adapting to rare perspectives and much more. 

Though these suggestions don’t claim to the blue print of the matter; these might prove to be initial measures in advancing the outgrowth.

Target the Current

→ Although we naturally aim to gather our mind and its presence right before we begin our crucial task; focus or concentration must be sought evermore.

→ Awareness leads in a more enjoyable, safe, comfortable and positive lifestyle. Most mishaps occur when our mind is lost.

→ Focusing and concentrating will always be appreciable and can prove to be a cheering practice.

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Learn to Observe

→ Noticing is delightful. There are a million occurrences all around. Every moment believes to teach us. There is a learning in every observation.

→ The world is an abundant place. Generous humans, ample nature, lavish weather, plentiful creatures. Utilizing this opulence is mandatory.

Become Kind & Smile More 

→ Discreetly offering comfort to people is a noble job. Enlightening your greatness is fine, but relishing an act of subtle kindness is influential.

→ Helping elderly cross the streets or sharing food with your colleague will arise humbleness in you.

→ Smile at the gatekeeper, help your co-passenger with some change or appealingly nod your head at the reception as this can eventually make up their day.

→ Ten smiles a day costs nothing, but plundered world peace costs everything.

Becoming Minimalist

→ Worldly possessions does not allow reality and its effluence.

→ Being a minimal will keep in the zest and will keep out the greed.

→ It is fair to own luxury, but not in excess.


If you really desire to do wonders in your lifespan, learn to live. “Living to learn” and “Learning to Live”

are relatable statements with contradictory explanation. Assimilating this you are bound to live happy and successful. Living or surviving are choices. Picking up the right one is a responsibility of one who is truly accountable.


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