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What does Emotional Intelligence mean? Can emotional intelligence be learned? Does emotional intelligence exist? How to become emotionally intelligent


We are striving in a fast paced, metropolitan lifestyle. Things aren’t saturated here. Whilst, time is the biggest luxury, people don’t take account of mental health as a whole. Although, mental health is not the subject; emotional intelligence might be regarded as a part of psychological prolongation.


Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

How does being Emotionally Intellectual aid us?

How substantial it is to our viability?

How can we develop and nurture our emotional intelligence?

And, what are the 4 best ways to begin your journey?

We’re going to explore all of this.

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First and foremost, lets understand what is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the cognitive ability to morph, manage, perpetuate and comprehend our emotions relating to the circumstances. Furthermore, it is to absorb the emotional state of the people around you. When it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence matters just as much as intellectual ability. As perplexing as it sounds, emotional intelligence is convoluted to some magnitude.


Emotional Intelligence

Next, let’s explore the scope of how being emotionally intellectual aids us?

Life is indeed challenging. And out of the many weapons we employ to destroy the negative; emotional intelligence is one of them. Apart from having authoritative communication skills, there are a numerous chores one must expertise in order to upraise their functioning. And a sizeable number falls under the emotional intelligence niche. Dominating stress and anxiety, defusing workplace or personal conflicts, improvising existing and introducing fresh individuals to your network are the positives of being emotionally intelligent. Additionally, showcasing kindness, empathizing with others and effectively overcoming life challenges is how emotional intelligence aids us.   


What is Emotional Intelligence

And now, let’s discuss how consequential it is to have emotional intelligence.

It is rightly said, “Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so that it can touch you.” Imbibe this as a brain tattoo already.

Emotional intelligence can educate us at approaching the path of fulfillment and ecstasy. Emotional Intelligence acts as a dye to our life which is undeniably a mould. Soaking in this art can be daunting, but it takes a while for its torque to kick in. I don’t claim in anyway that life is impossible without emotional intelligence. But I definitely insist to earn some of it, in order to cherish your journey. Running a workplace with utmost dominance, ferocious temper and a sabotaging mindset is already hazy. On the other hand, being a wizard at workplace is naturally aspirated if you’re emotionally intellectual.  




Now that we’re through the conceptual study of the subject; let’s acquaint ourselves with the practical enforcement.


What is Emotional Intelligence

I’ve classified the plan of action in four:


1. Channelize your response

2. Arise self-awareness

3. Evaluate yourself

4. Learn to socialize


Let us begin with our first plan of action:


1. Channelize your response


We all have our own defined opinions, choices, views and principles. And it’s obligatory to have them. Your opinions keep you going. Your choices asunder you astounding. Your views make you remarkable. Your principles justify your actions.


But, my dear; not everybody appraises it. Although appraisal isn’t our mission; we need to bare minimum have a healthy relationship with mankind. The thing I am talking about is inevitable but exasperating. Pay your utmost attention to what I am saying now and repeat in your head. “You are supposed to alter your expression according to the person you’re dealing with.”

I know this can intrigue you. You might question me, “Sarvesh why am I supposed to not have my raw expression put forth. Tell me Sarvesh, why can’t I be myself?”


I copy. I absorb the fact that you are unique and rare. Definitely, you’re not supposed to channelize your opinions all the times. But you will have to observe the situation, and adapt.


I appreciate that you have an expression. But I insist that you will have to plot it as per the person you’re dealing with. Because, its you who is dealing with him. He can be your senior, your boss, your customer, your parent or anybody who’s impression of you matters. Supposedly, you don’t talk in a convincing manner; you won’t encounter shortness in your breathe. But I ensure, that you are gonna lose that conversation.


As far as, you have the urge in you to conquer the world; you will have to transmit waves of their choice. This engages them in the conversation and in turn you execute your agenda. People will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.


2. Arise self-awareness


Self-awareness is esoteric and colossal.

I won’t go into the embellishment one experiences upon self-awareness.

But self-awareness is epoch-making. I repeat self-awareness is notably eminent and vital to your viability.


Now, how does one become self-aware? Basically, awareness lives in the subconscious. We all perform our everyday tasks with absolute attention. Still I claim that most of us aren’t self-aware. It’s because we skillfully advance our tasks, but we still have a hundred thoughts running in the subconscious. This basically prevents you from being aware of what’s going around.


Thoughtlessness is attainable. But that’s not your goal. Your mission is to just inspect yourself at regular intervals. Interrogate yourself. Ask yourself:


A. What are you doing?

B. How do you feel about it?

C. Perform self-reflection

D. Get generous feedback about you from your closed ones


Acknowledging these questions, you’ll be able to figure out the immediate. Consequently you set yourself in motion towards self-awareness.


3. Evaluate yourself


Evaluate what you want, because what gets measured, gets produced. Tape your growth. Find the tiny instances of your days where you are deprived of your self-control. Scrutinize all the aspects of your life and explore the voids. Observe how the voids affect you and furthermore consider improvising or boycotting them.


Self-evaluation is unavoidable. Grab a notepad. Divide it in two and list all the positives and the negatives you have. Jot down your strengths and weaknesses. Cherish your achievements and plan your future. Self-evaluating is a lot more, but this will suffice in the beginning.


With proper self-evaluation failure is inevitable. It is the ability to evaluate that we are able to value what we have.


4. Learning to socialize


You’ve undeniably heard of this saying that, “Humans are social animals.”


And yes, we are. Socializing is a prime characteristic of our life. Socializing keeps us sane. Mingling with others you have a place to confide your secrets or to share ideas and feelings. It promotes you to have a wide prospect of life.


Simultaneously, socializing needs to be done cautiously. Not everyone is your well-wisher. Not everyone has the evil eye. Filter your company. Subtract the ones who don’t cause you betterment. Regularly update your social circle. Add fresh individuals every alternate year. Keep it countable and miniature.

Have your opinions laid down often. Observe how people react to it. This assists you at analyzing your movements. Note the ways people make use of in order to validate their point.


Take part in social activities. Join clubs, help the needy, attend open mic sessions, promote underground artists. This social liveliness will nurture the acceptance rate in you. It will boost your tolerance and have you step out of your comfort zone. This nourishes ones overall personality and concurrently evolves an all-round behavior.


Having a social exposure will facilitate you at emotional outbursts. You be will acquainted with how people behave. You will be resilient to intense anger, or outbreak of tears.



In closing, I’d conclude this blog by saying that emotional intelligence is just not about these four ways. Every prospect has a numerous perspectives. And fundamentally it is your perspective that concerns. There are experts who take this up as their professional career. Upon obligation the same can be acquired.

“You don’t want to be at the mercy of your emotions, you want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” And that was your closure brain tattoo. 

Sarvesh Kulkarni

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