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What Is Self-Control? People often use a variety of terms for self-control, including discipline, determination, grit, willpower, and fortitude.


Self control is a big word in itself. Whilst self-control can be vitally defined in two ways; the ability to control behaviors in order to avoid temptations and to achieve goals, and also the ability to delay gratification and resist unwanted behaviors or urges.

Wherein the first one specifies the need of self-control in order to progress in life, whereas the latter principally addresses concerns like addictions, distractions and procrastination. 

Wrapping up the post theme as I’ve already written a related blog viz. How to avoid procrastination?, let me take up the prior discussion. 

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THE ABILITY TO CONTROL BEHAVIORS IN ORDER TO AVOID TEMPTATIONS AND TO ACHIEVE GOALS; as the definition suggests, is a perspective one must hone in order to excel.

The positives of this skill are numerous. At least once in our lifetime, we demanded external motivation, we expected our colleague to do our task, we wished to sleep more even after a soaking 9 hours in the bed.

What our experience didn’t tell us is that, we didn’t do what we are ought to; instead we obeyed the fancy desires which our mind always dreamed of.

One most common trait of people is that they dream huge. They are determined to row against the worldly odds. All the plans are plotted and the path is defined. But when it comes to execution, one distracting element, destroys all the ambitions in seconds. It has happened to me quite a few times.

All these branches are captured by weeds and are constantly being assaulted evermore, until we bring a change. Every year, hundreds of prosperous, cash rich, well-to-do individuals sink into bankruptcy whereas the equivalent numbers rise to a wealthy lifestyle. There are personalities who have been laid off while market was booming, whereas there are exceptional performers who have been especially appointed and massively salaried during hardships like the 2020 Corona Crisis.  

Now, what is remarkable here, is that the influence they have over themselves. These prominent athletes of life do not hold faith in fatigue. This is a crucial part of self-controlled behaviors.

So if you’re sticking in, you intend to bring in evolution. Possibly, you want to lose weight or build muscle, study more or give up on drugs, sustain your urge or perhaps just maintain your brand new tailored diet routine. Whatever your purpose be, you are notably going to see advancement. 


I’ve used five efficient ways to progress; and you too can make a note of them in order withstand your purpose. 

1. Boycott impulses

Take a minute and ask yourself, “How many times have you decided to quit smoking, alcohol, anger, procrastination, masturbation, drugs, junk food, video games and every other temptation?”

What is self control?

It is not that we didn’t attempt to improvise. It is the process we opted. Reducing ten cigarettes to five, four beers to two, large pizza to small has never helped anybody and never will. Because this is not how something works. To punch any temptation in the face, you need to boycott it totally. There has to be no looking back. Done, its over. Because those small amounts of temptations don’t decrease the addiction, and instead shoot our urge to have more of them. 

2. Count your worth

It is rightly said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” When you see yourself progressing, you believe in the journey more than you ever did. That is what you are supposed to aim at.

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Measure every single inch you lose or gain, measure every breath of fulfillment you take in post boycotting cigarettes. Just learn the art and master it eventually, and subsequently end up winning.

Boost your tolerance, as you’ve just begun your expedition towards self-control. 

3. Balance your stress levels

You are ought to mess up, when you are stressed.

Stress can make you restless, inefficient, underperform and screw up your development. Simply avoid it. Perhaps you’re the most busy man on the planet and I appreciate that. But I don’t expect you to exhaust your potential because of superficial nuisances. Poor decisions, inappropriate negotiations, significant loss in business is all what you anticipate when you are stressed.

How stress affects the brain?

Take a moment to breath. Allot time for regular meditation, yoga, exercise and prayers. Spend time with healthy, wise, cheerful and positive people. Socialize with your family, and relax timely.    

4. To-do list

I allot the last ten minutes of my day to cross out every task I accomplished and simultaneously jot tomorrows plot. I simply cannot stop emphasizing the fact that to-do lists are the solutions to most of our problems.

How to randomize a list in excel

Making a to-do list will constantly remind you of the things you have accomplished and of the tasks that are due. Organized life is happening and enjoyable. Everybody dislikes untidy habitats, unclean kitchen counters and unorganized people. You don’t want to lose an opportunity of growth just by not building a to-do list.

5. Move on

Someday you might end up having a heartbreak. Someday you might not wake up on time. Someday you might have a bad day. But, remember; we don’t live in disneyland. Things are expected to go wrong and that is how it functions.

What does yoga mean?

I do have a special blog on how to not have a bad day; but all I’d want to say right now is that, do not relinquish. Stay charged and make sure you perform relentlessly. This is where the mind kicks in once again and we lose our self-control. All the efforts go in vain, if you give-up here. Even on the worst days, perform like you’re the best. That is how you prove yourself that you are indeed self-controlled.


While self control is an art that requires patience and time to achieve, having faith in yourself can speed up the progress. Self control can provide with opulence of victory and can be a prescribed way of gripping onto long-term success.

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