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How to improve brain function? Brain foods for kids or Brain food supplements is a concern. Brain nutrition and best food for brain memory boosting...


brain food for kids

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are! As we discussed in the secret of concentration blog, the food we eat decides our performance, strength and memory. Not only food contributes to the muscle and bone development, it has direct impact on our brain.

Brain food for students? Or food to increase brain power, whatever you may call it; is an essential aspect of our life which needs to be taken into consideration if you want to maximize your productivity.



Before we begin, I request my audience to never consider any health tip, advice or suggestion from any source as a substitute to medicines or medical recommendations from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

Also, excess of any food is going to harm you. Making sure of consuming right food in right amount results in right health condition.


how to improve brain function


Definitely, there are many foods that contribute to your brain health and listing them all is quite a difficult thing to do. So here, we are addressing the top 5 foods that are directly responsible for brain power enhancement.

brain nutrition

1. Green leafy vegetables:

These belong to the super food category. Green leafy vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. High in fibers and low in caloric value, these are not only diet friendly foods but also act as supplements to brain. Easy to cook with inclusion in wide variety of food items, these are very easy to consume on daily basis.

how to improve brain function

2. Coffee

Just like me, if you too like to sip on a hot coffee mug no sooner you wake up, then you’re going to love this tip. Not only coffee boosts our focus, the increased alertness and improved mood can help your brain relax and in turn increase your mental productivity. Although, consumed excessively, coffee can cause a lot of harm to our body; a cup of espresso shot in the morning can help in setting up the right condition to excel performance.

best vitamins for brain

3. Turmeric

Vastly used as an antioxidant and popularly known for its wound healing properties, turmeric is responsible to help in the growth of brain cells. Not only it helps in improving memory of Alzheimer patients, it also boosts dopamine which promotes a happy and positive mood. 

how to improve brain function

4. Broccoli

Better known for its rich protein content by vegans, broccoli is another brain food. This brain food has anti-inflammatory properties and also is an effective antioxidant. Broccoli helps protect the brain against damage. Fully packed with Vitamin K, broccoli is indeed a practical supplement to brain.

how to improve brain function

5. Pumpkin seeds

Easily available at almost all departmental stores, this handy food is massively filled with nutrients. Nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium, Copper and Iron that are important to brain. Zinc and copper help managing nerve signals, whereas iron is a part of hemoglobin and magnesium is essential for learning and memory.

how to improve brain function

 Apart from these foods, there are three categories in which food is divided by ayurveda: 

1. Sattva

2. Rajas and

3. Tamas



Sattva means pure, light sweet positive energy flow. This type of food promotes purity of mind, peace, intelligence and right decisions.

 Non-stimulating diet: Vegetables, fruits, whole wheat flour, less polished rice, millets, bran, carrots, radish, boiled vegetables, legumes, salads, sprouts, nuts, natural condiments, ginger, cumin, coriander, coconut, yoghurt

Alkaline diet: All fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, fresh bread, roti, milk, coconut water

Live food: Fruits, vegetables, sprouts

Non mucus forming diet: Fruits, vegetables, salads, soups

Energy providing healthy food: fruits, juices, honey, jiggery, milk, nuts


Rajas basically represents spicy food that is over-stimulating, creates restlessness and excites mind. This kind of food promotes ego and creates desires.

Foods like: Spicy food, fried food products, pungent and spicy one, acidic food, excess sugary food, food forming gases, etc.

Stimulating food: Fried food, alcohol, sauce, tea, coffee, tobacco and other beverages.

Acidic Food: Jam, jelly, preserved food, soups, fermented bread, sausages, pickles, papad, etc.

Dead Food: Egg, meat and fish

Mucus forming food: Milk products and bakery products

Disease producing Food: Stale food, fast food, junk foods, fermented foods, etc. 


Tamas causes dullness, creates toxins, and destroys our immune. It also clouds mind and promotes negative emotions.


Sticking to only one of these is quite impossible for humans in 2020. But, avoiding Tamasic and Rajasic food items as much as possible and consuming simple, soft, natural Sattvic food can also contribute in healthy functioning of the brain.

Food & Diet like: Excess protein, flesh, egg, soybean, white flour, fried fast food, Excess starch and sugar form gases.

Stimulating Diet: Spicy and fried food, alcohol, chillies, sauce, black pepper, cinnamon, tea, coffee and tobacco

Acidic Diet: Preserved fruits, jam, jelly, flavoured drinks, preserved food, soups, fermented bread, cakes, white flour, sausages, pickles, papad

Mucus forming Diet: Milk and milk products, bakery products, spices

Disease producing Food: Fermented, stale food, sweet products, ice creams, chocolates, heavy foodstuff


In the 20th century, we need to adapt the hybrid lifestyle. A lifestyle that is ready to accept every situation but at the same time would prefer a healthy, simple and positive approaches for peaceful and happy living.

I hope these recommendations will serve you and lead you to a nutritious, filling, satisfactory and soothing lifestyle.


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