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How To Not Have A Bad Day?

What to do when depressed? Having a rough day or especially a bad morning is something very demotivating. Having the happy hormones in check...


Having A Bad Day


    This subject is one my favorite things to talk about. Having a bad day is never a bad thing. And, realizing this took me a lot of experiments. Bringing changes to my routine and approach I could eventually build up happy ways to actually feel happy.

signs of depression

     To be honest everybody has their own problems and their own way of dealing with it. Devising a customized solution to our specific issues is the best gift that we give to ourselves. And here is my approach to deal with everyday challenges. Let me narrate this through a piece of my life:



    My usual weekday starts with turning off the alarm which has already been snoozed for the 10th time. Snoozing our alarms is undoubtedly a favourite thing to do. Moving on, I hit the washroom, while I am simultaneously attending every important message that I  received while I was dreaming of my supercar, all the night. Gripping onto the easiest thing I could eat on my way to the parking, I somehow get going on my scooter. En-route planning my day, I hymn my exciting playlist until I stumble upon the railway station platform. Clinging onto the roof railing of the local train, I lift my feet off the platform as the train journey begins. Travelling in Mumbai is a task in itself. Compartment made for 50 passengers has more than 200 people adjusting their comfort in order to reach their destination on time. As the saying goes, “If you risk nothing, you risk everything”, every person on board is risking their safety in order to not risk their wages. Swinging by the train door, I soak in the fresh air. Boy oh boy, playing my favourite music and feeling like a boss when the wind blows my hair back, like in the movies; I look at every fortune 500 company offices running beside the railway tracks. These established giants, excite me to work more and more; until I become a part of their family.



    Trying to avoid the fact that I am already very late and for sure gonna miss my first lecture; I observe the people around me. Someone looks very happy in his fresh white shirt; maybe it’s his first day to office. Whereas, a sixty year old man resting by the poll; looks tired but it seems that he has to work in order to survive. Definitely, a local train experience can teach any proud man why to become humble. Getting off the train, I start running towards my college which is at a 10min walking distance. Shaking hands all the way upto my classroom, I finally reach but so not on time.

    Being sorry for myself, and uplifting my low mood, I head to the canteen and sip on a hot cup of tea. Relaxing my server, I have my next sip. Trying to let go of all my negative experiences throughout the morning, I sip for the third time. Breathing over the tea, and enjoying the extraordinary flavour and somehow have regained control and have rebooted my system.

 That’s how I treat my bad day! 



I know you might say, Sarvesh? A cup of tea? That is what for you made me stick in all my attention?

Definitely not. Your time is the most precious thing to me. And here comes the climax. Did I just mention why I was late? Lets go into the depth now! As I was munching on my handy breakfast, I didn’t tie my shoe lace properly and ended up tripping on the staircase. Changing my clothes once again, I rushed my scooter as far as I can, until I found a 3 kilometre long traffic. Rerouting, I rush to another 4 kilometre long traffic jam. Being an optimist, I take all of this patiently and somehow reach the railway platform where I catch hold of the train just by 10secs. Yeah, my luck helped me there but, here comes the worst. Out of the blue, the ticket checker asks me for my ticket and unfortunately my railway pass expired just a day before. Paying 10 times the ticket price, I end up broke. Landing onto the platform I run as fast as I can, and reach the college gate where I realize that I left my identity card at my desk. Proving that I am an enrolled undergrad to the security personnel, I am inside the campus. Miserably looking at the closing doors of the elevator, I take the stairs all the way upto the 5th floor. Apologising for being late I get inside the classroom. As I rest on the chair, my classmate updates me about the lecture. Holy shit! I failed at completing my assignment, as I got super-engaged in enjoying my weekend and concurrently plotting my upcoming blog. No sooner I realise that I am screwed, professor reminds me of today being the due date and asks me for the assignment. Disappointed at me for being late and forgetting my assignment, my professor kicks me off. And the rest you know.

This is not my everyday, but a lot of things like these keep happening to me, to you and to everyone. Being sad and low about it is never going to help the situation. We have to figure out ways of tackling this.



I used to be very sad at such things when I first experienced them. But now I have figured out ways to win over every challenge. To lay down the few tricks that I make use of, are:


In the first half of my story, all I tried to highlight was the positive attitude I carried. Things are not always supposed to be in your favour. The day I accepted this fact, it changed my life. When i tripped over and eventually had to change my shirt, I convinced myself by saying that maybe the shirt didn’t suit me as much as this hoodie does. When the traffic caught me up, I convinced myself by saying that the world is blessing me with some more time to plan my day by getting me occupied in the traffic. Whenever anything goes wrong, I try to convince myself with the brighter perspective of the event. That helps me absorb the reality sportingly and makes me stronger at the same time. This motivates me to always have a bright perspective and reduce the amount of disappointments.




Music is my escape. Every person must have his/her own escape ways to deal with problems. An escape way can be anything from an inspiring page of a book to a favourite stand-up comedy clip. But, it has to be short and effective. It has to be so convincing that you get charged up to face the acute tasks.




At times, even the escape cannot help us in any way. In such times, I use my stress busters. A stress buster has to be something that gets you going. I sip on a cup of tea. It helps me calm down and lets me think. Those five minutes of thinking actually makes up everything. People have various kinds of stress-busters. Some call-up their wives or friends and discuss their problems, whereas some write it down in their notebooks. Some perform a few push-ups whereas some meditate. Figuring out your style is very crucial here.



Apart from all these things, going on a walk or having a scalp massage or playing any kind of sports at least once or twice in a week, can actually help us keep up with the rush. These kind of activities are required in order to relax the brain.             


Bad days aren’t completely avoidable. But can surely be tackled wisely. These hacks are ways to get through the difficulties. There might be times when none of these work for you. This is an alarm that your system needs a temporary shut down. Quitting the rush, the mobiles and the internet, too much of human interaction and noisy environment for a day can definitely bring in whole lot of enthusiasm. One must always give time to himself in order to cope up with life and its hardships. Patience, tolerance and sportsmanship is what we keep on addressing regularly. But achieving them is the only way to attain peace.


Originally written by,

Sarvesh Kulkarni

Sarvesh Kulkarni

Author & Editor

A Creative Content Writer, budding Podcaster & YouTuber and a Certified Digital Marketer; I love writing and talking about everything I absorb from experiences my life gives me.


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