About OutGrowthX

About Us

Founded on grounds of social welfare, cognizance and service, OutGrowthX is a budding web platform. We believe in providing and sharing, knowledge and wisdom as much as possible. Targeting and producing content and services for audiences of all age groups;  OutGrowthX wants to spread enlightenment. 

Presently spreading over almost all social platforms, OutGrowthX is trying to make an impact at social level in the beginning phase. Hoping to widen its prospects, OutGrowthX is also concurrently building its facility.

The Framer

As John Dryden rightly said,

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us.”

Cultivating the habit of creative writing and public speaking from the age of 11, Sarvesh Kulkarni is an aspiring young man with a vision to bring a positive change. Winning awards and being recognized for his accomplishments, Sarvesh brings in an initiative of being free resource to everyone who wishes to grow coast-to-coast.  

 Professionally emerging as a Mechanical Engineer, Sarvesh likes to explore different aspects of life and then include and conclude the illumination in his style.


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